Amazon National Parks Cruise 7 days

Highlights Amazon National Parks Cruise

  • Activities: See the Meeting of the Waters, swim with pink river dolphins, experience archipelago Anavalhanas, see otters in national park Jaú, spot cayman, view the remains of the rubber boom
  • Location: Rio Negro, Anavilhanas archipelago, Park Jaú
  • Lodging: Cabin with airco and shower top deck or cabin with airco lower deck
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: From US$ 1,495 per person, The reservation costs are $ 20.
  • Includes: Experienced jungle guide, all meals, mineral water, all transports
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

meeting of the waters in a small boat

Day 1 Meeting of the Waters

You will be picked up from your hotel around 7:30 AM and travel directly to the Port ofManaus. After arranging your cabin, you can have a look at the nearby markets. They sell all kinds of medicinal plants and fish that originate from the Amazon. If you have some last-minute items to buy or look for a few nice souvenirs, this is a good opportunity. The ship cruises first towards the famous Meeting of the Waters. This is the place where the dark Rio Negro meets the muddy Salimões River. The two rivers continue next to each other without mixing for several kilometers. The jungle guide will explain this phenomenon in detail.

Meeting of the waters Amazon Manaus

The ship sails upstream on the Rio Negro. After lunch on board you visit Lago das Vitoria Regias, the lake that is home to the Victoria Amazonica. You will be amazed by these big water lilies with leaves that can have a diameter up to 3 meter, so they can carry a child easily.

The cruise continues upstream and will halt in Jacare Ubal for the night. You have dinner with local dishes and can join a discovery tour to spot frogs and snakes with a small motorboat afterwards.

Day 2 Swimming with Pink River Dolphins

You wake up early to see the sunrise over the Amazon, a sight that is amazing when it is not completely cloudy. Next you do an excursion to spot the pink and grey river dolphins that are numerous in this area.

You have breakfast on board of the ship and then we continue to Furou do Meio. This is the place for an excursion through nature with the small exploration boat. This place has a lot of monkeys and parrots. After a couple of hours you will meet up with the cruise ship again where lunch is served.

Pink river dolphins

The Ariau river, a small river that flows into Rio Urubu is the place you will discover in the afternoon. Next you have a look at the wide variety of birds, including wild ducks, that stay on Lago do Acajatuba. If you are lucky you may also see a boa constrictor. The next event is to swim with the pink river dolphins around 4:30 PM. This animals with their characteristic long mouth and color are friendly and you can feel their soft skin if they come close. This is a perfect opportunity to make some great photos. 

Besides that, you can also see the pirarucu or arapaima, which is raised here as part of a conversation program. These fishes can grow up to 3 meters and are very strong! The river cruise continues upstream on the Rio Negro where we will stop on a riverbank for the night.

Day 3 The Lost City

The Parque Estadual Rio Negro Setor Norte is a protected area of the Amazon that you will discover today. This region used to be of great importance for the rubber industry, as the plantations with the trees that produced the latex were situated around here. You go on an excursion to the lost city where you see the remains of the houses that once made up the city.

Cruzador Amazon Manaus

The afternoon is used to sail up Rio Negro towards Park Jaú. After checking into the park with the Federal Police we stay there for the night. Please note that we need a copy of your passport beforehand to obtain the license that is required to enter this park.

Day 4 National Park Jaú

The cruise ship sails further into Park Jaú where we meet with one of the few families that live here.

Sloth Amazon Manaus

The afternoon we go to spot the garape da lontra, a type of otter that live in the park. They usually live in large groups and are known as cunning hunters. The excursion also gives you the opportunity to view monkeys and blue macaws, beautiful parrots and caiman on the way back.

Day 5 Samauma Trail

You can on a big hike on the Caminhada da Samauma, an exciting trail through the rainforest. The trees are huge in this area, because nobody is allowed to cut trees in park Jaú. You will also view a lovely waterfall along the way, where you can have a shower and take a bath.


After lunch on the ship, you visit the local people and their farm. They grow different types of food like bananas, papaya and manioc and you learn what they do to survive in this remote place in the jungle.

Day 6 Anavilhanas National Park

We sail downstream to go to Anavilhanas national park. This is one of the largest archipelagos in the world, with over 400 islands.


In the afternoon we go to fish black piranhas. They are always hungry, so they are relatively easy to catch with a small piece of chicken or other meat.

You have the option to sleep in a hammock in the middle of the jungle tonight. This is agreat experience as you truly immerse yourself in the sounds of the rainforest as the sunsets. We will prepare a simple, but tasty meal by roasting chicken on a campfire.

Day 7 Rubber Museum

You do a trek in Anavilhanas early the morning and we set sail for Manaus afterwards. Close to Manaus, you get a tour around the Vila Paraiso Rubber museum. This gives you a great impression how rubber was produced and stored in big warehouses before it was shipped for export. You also see how the people lived which were involved in the production.

Rubbermuseum Manaus

The cruise ship heads back to Manaus harbor where we will dock between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. You disembark and we bring you back to your hotel in Manaus or to theairport if you travel on directly after the cruise.