River cruise Rio Negro & Anavilhanas

This 5 day Amazon cruise shows you the great diversity and culture of the Amazon. It brings you to national park Anavilhanas, one of the largest archipelagos in the world.

Highlights 5 day Amazon cruise

  • Activities: See the Meeting of the Waters, swim with pink river dolphins, experience National Park Anavalhanas, meet an indigenous tribe, cayman spotting, view the remains of the rubber boom
  • Location: Rio Negro, Anavilhanas archipelago
  • Lodging: Cabin with airco and shower top deck or cabin with airco lower deck
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: From US$ 1,025 per person, The reservation costs are $ 20
  • Includes: Experienced jungle guide, all meals, mineral water, all transports
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

Programm River cruise Rio Negro & Anavilhanas

Your cruise yacht sails to a different part of the Amazon each day, so you get a genuine insight in the beautiful rainforest.

Camiiba ship river cruise 5 days

Day 1 Meeting of the Waters

You start your cruise from your hotel where we pick you up around 7:30 AM. You travel directly to the Port of Manaus. After arranging your cabin, you can have a look at the nearby markets. They sell all kinds of medicinal plants and fishes large and small that originate from the Amazon. If you have some last-minute items to buy or look for a few nice souvenirs, this is a good opportunity.

The ship cruises first towards the famous Meeting of the Waters. This is the place where the dark Rio Negro meets the muddy Solimões River. The two rivers continue next to each other without mixing for several kilometers. The jungle guide will explain this phenomenon in detail. You can also feel the difference between the rivers yourself.

Meeting of the Waters

The ship sails upstream on the Rio Negro. After lunch on board you will explore the Igapó channel with a small vessel. This trip leads you through a swamp which is home to a lot of wildlife. We start to go up on the negro river and look for a place to sleep in Jacaré Ubal.

You have dinner with local dishes and can join a discovery tour to spot frogs and snakes in the evening.

Day 2 Pink River Dolphins

You wake up early to see the sunrise over the Amazon, an amazing sight when the weather is not too cloudy. Then you have a look on the small river of Paricatuba, where you have a good opportunity to see all kinds of birds. It is best to wear trousers and shirts with long sleeves, as it may still be chilly early in the morning.

After the breakfast we go by ship to an area called Ariaú. This is a home to a small, muddy river with a lot of wildlife. We will try to see a sloth and the parrots that live around here. We reunite with the main ship in different place for lunch.       

pink river dolphins

After lunch we go for fishing for piranha. A simple rod with some chicken can be enough to catch them. The next event is to swim with the pink river dolphins around 4:30 PM. These animals with their characteristic long mouth and pink color are friendly creatures and you can feel their soft skin if they come close. This is a perfect opportunity to make some great photos. Besides that, you can see the pirarucu or arapaima, a fish which is raised here as part of a conversation program. The pirarucu can grow up to 3 meters and is very strong!

You will go to see the sunset and hear the sound of the forest in the early evening. Then we go by ship to the Anavilianas archipelago where we go to sleep this night.    

Day 3 National Park Anavilhanas

amazon river tour from Manaus Brazil

You visit the national park Anavilhanas today. This park contains one of the largest archipelagos in the word, with over 400 islands in the Rio Negro. You make a 3 hours trip with the small vessel, which includes a hike on one of the islands. The archipelago has lots of monkeys and parrots

After lunch, you go to camp in the jungle. This is an amazing experience, where you sleep in you own hammock in the middle of the jungle. You will be surprised by the sounds that you hear. You first hike to the camp and then we gather wood to prepare our own campfire. The fire is used to prepare a jungle barbecue. We bring our own food, mineral water, hammocks and mosquito nets from the ship. If you prefer to sleep on the ship instead of in the jungle, this is possible as well.

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Day 4 Park Estadual & the Lost City

You wake up in the camp and head back to the ship with the group for breakfast. The ship sails down river to the national park Estadual Rio Negro. The guide will explain everything about this amazing place and its history: how people got very rich due to the rubber trade and how the city they built, got abandoned later on.   

Monkeys on the boat

You travel in the afternoon to the Indian village of Tatuyu. We will use the small boat to explore the surrounding nature and watch the sunset. Dinner is served on the ship. The night is reserved to relax on the ship and watch the Milky Way that is clearly visible, because you are far away from any big city.

Day 5 Indian Community & Rubber Museum

You will go to visit the small Indian community of Tatuyu where you will discover how the local people live in this area and what they do for a living. The visit takes around one hour in the community and includes a visit to the local school. If you wish, you can bring some gifts for the school children. 

The final visit of the cruise is at the Rubber museum Vila Paraiso. This gives you a great impression how rubber was produced and stored in big warehouses before it was shipped for export. You will also see how the people lived during the production of rubber.

Rubber museum Manaus

The cruise ship then heads back to Manaus harbor where we will dock around 17:30 in the afternoon. We bring you back to your hotel in Manaus or to the airport if you travel on directly after the cruise.

 Cruise Activities


With a canoe you can get really close to the animals, because you make little noise. This makes canoeing ideal for watching birds. It is also a wonderful sporting activity.

Sleep in the jungle

You have the possibility to sleep in your own hammock in the jungle during a night. You can not get closer to nature than this! At dusk many animals are active and you can see them from the camp we will set up. You will be amazed by the sounds you hear. Furthermore, you have the possibility to do a trek through the jungle.


The Amazon has more different species of fish than the entire Atlantic Ocean. Besides the famous piranhas there are many unknown species. During the cruise you can try your luck (or skill) and fish yourself. In addition, there is often fresh fish on the menu.

Visit indigenous tribe

You will visit the Indian community of Tatuyu. Here you can experience how the orignal inhabitants of Brazil live and which useful tools they have developed to survive in the jungle .

indigenous tribe Amazon Brazil Juma


The archipelagos of Anavilianas is one of the largest in the world and consists of over 400 island in the Rio Negro. With the ship you will get an unique view of this national park.

Other activities

Besides the activities mentioned above the river cruise offers you the opportunity for many other activities, including:

  • Watching dolphins
  • Spotting birds
  • Watching the beauty of the sunset and sunrise in the Amazon

Booking your river cruise

NEY Eco Adventures offers 3 different types of cruises. Choose the option that suits you best. Prices are per person for a cruise of five days.

 cama Luxury yacht  - sleep in een cabin US$1,025  Book now
 cama luxux Luxury yacht - sleep in een cabin with shower US$1,350  Book now

All cruises include a professional jungle guide, food, fresh fruit juices, mineral water, all excursions and transportation from your hotel or airport in Manaus to the boat and back.

Please be aware that you must book your rivier cruise at least 15 days before the trip departs. The availability of places can change quickly, so we recommend you to book your place early on to secure your seat. The reservation costs are $ 20.

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