Survival Tour

If you want to test your skills and love adventure, a survival tour is what you need. You will go to the jungle together with a survival expert who will teach you the tricks of the trade.

The activities of a survival tour include navigating your way through the jungle, making fire, kayak, hunting and gathering food.  


Fishing is a relative easy way to get food as the Amazon has an amazing variety of fish. You will learn different fishing styles, such as fishing with a net, spearfishing in the night and fishing piranhas with a rod and bait.

fishing rio urubu

 Making fire

Fire making is an essential survival skill and not the easiest one. You will learn how to gather the right wood and material for your fire and how to ignite it (the hard part).

Making fire in the Amazon rainforest

 Hunting with a blowpipe

Indigenous tribes traditionally use this technique to hunt for small animals. You learn how to make your own blowpipe and use it.

big tree spotting 

Navigating the rainforest

The jungle is dense at a lot of places, which makes navigating a difficult task. Our survival experts will teach you some clever tricks, so you can find your way out of the jungle and don’t keep walking around in circles.

 crossing river Amazon

Creating a shelter

Heavy rains can make you completely wet in minutes and causes you body temperature to drop significantly. This is one of the reasons why preparing a solid shelter is a good idea. You will build your own shelter from local materials together with our survival expert, so you keep dry and save from the animals.


Video Amazon Survival

Requirements Survival Tour

The minimum number of days for a survival tour is 3. You can go on your own or together with a group up of up to 4 persons. It is possible to combine a survival tour with a stay in the Rio Urubu jungle lodge.

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