Amazon Jungle Lodge Rio Urubu

The ecological Amazon jungle lodge North of Manaus is the perfect starting point for your jungle tour.

Jungle Lodge Highlights

  • Location: Rio Urubu, Amazon, 200 km from Manaus
  • Lodging: 5 cabins for 2 persons
  • Duration: 2 or more days
  • Price: € 75 per person per day
  • Includes: all jungle excursions, meals, mineral water, all transports
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if not satisfied

Area Rio Urubu Jungle Lodge

Pousada ecólogica do rio Urubu Jungle lodge Amazon Manaus Brazil | NEY Eco Adventures

The Pousada Ecológica do Rio Urubu is literally in the middle of the Amazon jungle. It is 200 kilometers from Manaus and you reach it via bus and boat. The jungle lodge overlooks the Rio Urubu river, which starts in Presidente Figueiredo and runs all the way to the Amazon river. The lodge  and have the opportunity to see the wildlife of the jungle without even leaving the lodge.

Location Urubu lodge

The Rio Urubu region has few mosquitos, because the water is relatively acid which is something mosquitos don't like. This will definitely make your stay more pleasant.

Rooms Jungle Lodge

The pousada Rio Urubu has 5 double rooms that are build as private cabins. The small scale  of the lodge offers you a friendly and personal atmosphere to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

quartos da  pousada ecólogica do Rio Urubu

Each room has two beds and windows to overview the beautiful jungle and get a fresh breeze if it gets hot.

Pousada ecólogica do Rio Urubu

Eco jungle lodge

The lodge is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and we run it as environmental friendly as possible. Therefore the lodge has a number of chickens, ducks, a pig and of course house parrot Julio. This gives the lodge a friendly atmosphere that both children and adults enjoy. 

Animals lodge Rio Urubu Manaus Amazon

The lodge also has a farm to crow different types of fruits, including bananas, papayas and pineapple (ananas).

lodge farm papayas bananas pineapple

Jungle tours 

You can join the jungle guides on the jungle excursions that are offered each day:

  • Hike in the jungle to learn about medical plants and wildlife
  • Fish for piranha and other fishes 
  • Watching cayman during the night
  • Sleep in a hammock in the middle of the jungle 

Our jungle guides are native people of the Amazon who speak english and portuguese well. If you prefer a guide that speaks another language, let us know and we can accommodate this for you.

The following tours to the jungle lodge are popular:

  • Taste of the Jungle: explore the jungle in 2 days - More info >
  • Into the Amazon: sleep in the jungle during this tour - more info >

The lodge is also the starting point for our survival tours if you are more adventurous. More info >

Booking Jungle Lodge

To stay in the jungle lodge, indicate how many days you want to come and when you want to start. In case you are a family with children, share their age with us, as we offer discount for children.

Book Jungle Lodge Rio Urubu

If you have special requests, please contact us directly and tell us what you want, so we can see if we can arrange it for you. A lot of things are possible.