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"And sleeping in the jungle is a must – it is simply incredible to listen to the rainforest especially when a little frog’s song is dominating the whole night". Sandortagai via TripAdvisor

"The experience I had there has been definitely amazing. I've been able to take part to a lot of activities in the forest with the wise and experienced supervision of Ney". frasecchi93 via TripAdvisor

"The best Amazon tour ever!". Dubreuil Nicolas via Facebook

"We felt very welcome and had an adventure we'll never forget". Emelie Steen Aune via Facebook

"Three days in the jungle with Ney and Ivanjudo -an amazing time.

We were hiking, canoeing, fishing piranhas e bobo and swimming in the river. We saw lots of animals: macaws, parrots, crocodiles, spiders, dolphins, armadillos and different kinds of monkeys. Ney told us everything what’s to know about animals, plants and how to use them as medicine and for living in the jungle. At night we were sleeping in hammocks in a self-made camp. It was fantastic! At night you can hear the animal voices very well-it was like music. One day Ivanjudo climbed an acai tree of 40 meters to collect the acai berries and we made a delicious acai juice.

We can count oneself lucky to have with Ney an enthusiastic and committed guide with a lot of experience in nature and tourists. Thank you for these marvellous days, Ney!"

Eva Maria Rehr, Germany


"We spent 5 incredible days on a kayaking adventure on the Rio Urubu with Ney and Ronaldo. This trip was spectacular and each day was filled with surprises and amazing encounters with the water, forest, and animals. Each camp was wonderful and truly a 5 star, once in a lifetime experience. Ney and Ronaldo know this spectacular river, both with more than 20 years experience living along it's edge.

This trip was an excellent balance between being able to kayak completely insolitude while Ney and Ronaldo traveled ahead to prepare lunches for our mid-day breaks and to ready camp for our arrival in the evenings.

They took special care to wait for us at important turns in the river and guide us through the short set of class 2 rapids. If you desire to learn about the beauty and mystery of the Amazon in a remote and unpopulated pristine wilderness, then we highly recommend Ney and his team to guide and share this humbling experience with you. Thank you

Ney and Ronaldo, it was an honor to spend this time with you and we greatly appreciate all that you shared! We look forward to more adventures with you in the future.

Beleza pura!" 

Angie & Kolby Jardine, Brasil

 Frank Miessen Germany"We did a three-days Amazon-boat trip around Manaus in December 2013 and Ney was our guide. We had wonderful days and saw many highlights and learned a lot about flora, fauna, people and history of the Amazon region.

We swam with dolphins, caught piranhas, watched Kaimans, monkeys and parrots. We visited local people and so on. Although it was a little adventure we felt in every situation absolutely save and can recommend Mr Ney as a guide." 

 Frank Mießen, Germany


Family o'Connor"Our family of 5 recently spent a 3 day and 3 night private river cruise on the Rio Negro and Amazon rivers with Rosiney "Ney" as our guide. We have 3 young boys ages 15, 13 and 9 who are very adventurous and enjoy the outdoors, so being able to enjoy the nature and wonder of the river was more important to us than luxurious accomodations.

Ney was a wonderful guide and he took us on many activities which were both fun and interesting. Those activities included seeing the Meeting of the Waters which is an amazing sight and natural wonder of the world, a rainforest hike, caiman (alligator) spotting, piranha fishing, visiting an indigenous tribe and swimming with the dolphins. We also were able to hold both a boa constrictor snake and sloth and we fed bananas to the wild monkeys. Another highlight was visiting a fish farm which raised very large fish to be served in restaurants where we attempted to pull them out of the water with small fish as bait.

When we were not enjoying one of these activities, we spent time enjoying the beautiful landscape while cruising the river, swimming in the river, jumping off the top of the 3rd level of the boat into the river and finally driving a jetski in the river. Our family loved all of these experiences in the Amazonas. We cannot forget to mention that while we were on the boat cruise, we had a very kind and helpful crew to assist us and we enjoyed the native meals and native fruits that were served on the boat. We even enjoyed a meal on a river beach and the crew surprised my husband and I with a birthday party on our last night aboard the boat since we were both celebrating our birthdays in the Amazonas.

We do however suggest taking some precaution with what you eat and drink as we did experience some stomach problems while on the trip. We are unsure what caused the problems as it could have simply been the drastic change to our diet. This however did not overshadow the fun and wonderful memories that we had during our private river cruise and we would highly recommend Ney as a guide to assist you in exploring the nature of the Amazonas. He was extremely knowledgeable about the rainforest, animals and all the areas where we explored.

Best of luck in planning your Amazonas adventure!!!"

Judd, Jeanne O'Connor and boys, USA living in Sâo Paulo


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"...our guide Ney was excellent…

fabsanchez, Sheffield, UK


“..our fantastic guide Ney who was with us all the time..

lagoon08, Venice Italy