Private river cruise

Enjoy the Amazon exactly as you want it with a private river cruise.

Your river cruise your way

If you want to fully customize your trip or are want to enjoy the Amazon just with your family or friends, a private cruise is your best choice. Also if you organize a group travel to the Amazon for your travel agency, a private cruise is definitely worth considering.

Benefits private Amazon cruise

 A private river cruise through the Amazon has the following benefits:

  • Program fully customized based on your needs
  • Start and end the trip when you want
  • Absolute privacy on the boat 

Types of ships

You can choose for different ships depending on your group size and budget.

Fishing & expedition boat

This boat is well adapted for fishing trips and exploring the smaller rivers of the Amazon

 Fishing and expedition boat - Amazon Manaus Brasil private tours

Luxury yacht

This ship is the perfect travel companion for larger group up to 12 people who want more comfort. It has air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms. 

 Luxury ship

 Basic riverboat

This boat is traditionally used for public transport in the Amazon and very practical  to transport large groups who sleep in hammocks on board of the ship.

 Boat for large groups Amazon Manaus Brasil

How does a private river cruise work?

We discuss the specific wishes of your group with you and make suggestions about possible activities to fulfill them. Then we create an itinerary for you and agree on the schedule and dates that the private cruise will take place. We are very flexible, so you can basically start the trip at any time you wish each day of the week.

After agreeing on the travel plan, we arrange the ship, crew, supplies and other resources you will need during the trip. A crew usually consists of a professional jungle guide or fishing expert, a cook and the captain to navigate the ship. This means you don’t have to worry about any logistics or any housekeeping tasks and can fully enjoy the Amazon and the richness of the nature around you. Our crew will take care of you!

 Prices & Reservations

The prices for private cruises start from 10,000 BRL (about US$ 4,250 or € 3,000). The reservation costs are $ 20.

If you want to receive a quote for the private cruise that you have in mind, please do contact us and let us know your dream cruise.

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