Kayak trip 5 days

Are you into sports, like canoeing and want to enjoy the nature of the Amazon? Then the Figueredo Kayak trip is definitely for you.

Highlights Kayak trip 

  • Activities: Kayak, jungle treks, cave exploration, waterfall shower
  • Location: Presidente Figueiredo, Rio Urubu, Amazon
  • Lodging: hammock in the jungle or house locals
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price: US$ 675 / € 600 per person
  • Includes: Experienced jungle guide, all meals, mineral water, all excursions, transport to/from tour and airport transfer
  • Guarantee: Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

Program Figueiredo Kayak trip

You will paddle down a river in the middle of the Amazon rain forest! This is a unique opportunity to fully experience the beautiful nature that the Amazon in Brazil has to offer.

The video gives an impression of the kayak adventure. It was made by our guests Kolby and Angie.

Route Kayak trip

The kayak trip starts in Presidente Figueiredo, north of Manaus. This place is a good starting point for trips into the jungle and is famous for its waterfalls. You will paddle down from Presidente Figueredo to the small village of Lindoia .

Route Kayak trip

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How does a kayak trip work?

You get an instruction how to handle your kayak safely and effectively and then we are stabbing shore. A separate boat takes the necessary gear and supplies with it. However you can also catch your own meal if you want to. The scenery along the route is spectacular and because you're in a canoe that makes almost no noise, you will have a good chance to see some amazing Amazon animals up close.

Booking your Kayak trip

Price: 5 days kayak trip including kayak, material, guide, transport to and from Manaus, food and drinks US$ 675 per person.

The reservation costs are $ 20.

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